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Mature log inoculated with golden oyster mushroom

Mature log inoculated with golden oyster mushroom

Inoculated in the last year with grain spawn, now mature. Beech log, height approx. 35 cm, diameter approx. 20 cm. The photo shows a log with mushrooms ready to harvest. The log we send you should start to grow mushrooms within a few weeks (depending on mushroom type and weather).
We also have logs inoculated with oyster mushrooms in the same quality.
A mature log is a good alternative if you couldn't get any logs this year, you don't want to inoculate yourself or you don't want to wait so long for the mushrooms. You should be able to harvest several times a year for several years. One end of the log should be partly buried in earth in the garden.
You can also grow on the balcony: Partly bury the log in good quality earth or compost in a flower pot. The log can stay outside or on the balcony all year.
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