Mushroom growing instructions
This page has links to PDF files with instructions for growing mushrooms on logs, specially sterilized wood chips and straw. Unfortunately, many of our our mushroom growing instructions are only available in German, sorry. More will be translated when we have time. See for some more details on mushroom growing in English or phone/send us an email with your questions.
Overview of our range of mushroom spawn
Download our range of inoculated plugs and grain spawn, including prices, as a  pdf-file in German and English (2 pages, 173 kB).
Growing mushrooms on logs:
You can grow mushrooms on logs using inoculated plugs. Holes are drilled into the logs and then the plugs are inserted using a hammer. Please see for growing instructions and a list of suitable wood types.
You can also grow some mushroom types on logs using inoculated grain (grain spawn). Slots are cut into the logs using a chain saw and the grain is then filled into the slots. Normally, a slot is cut half way through the log, one at each end of the log. The grain-filled slots must be protected with packaging tape. 
See table of wood types 
  • Using inoculated plugs (instructions in German only)
  • Using grain spawn (instructions in German only)
 Growing mushrooms on specially sterilized wood chips using substrate kits:
Growing mushrooms on straw bales and straw pellets:
Only oyster mushroom varieties and wine-red Stropharia can be grown on straw.
  •  Growing on straw bales for oyster mushroom, golden and pink oyster mushroom, brown stew fungus (instructions in German only)
  • Growing on straw pellets (oyster mushroom, golden and pink oyster mushroom),
    pdf-file in english: Hobby grower's kit for oyster mushrooms 
    See this product in our shop 
  • Growing horsetail fungus on straw pellets (instructions in German only)
For photos and descriptions of edible mushrooms and cooking recipes please see our other web site You can also find lots of information on mushrooms in Wikipedia. Just enter shiiitake or oyster mushrooms in the search field.
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