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Pleurotus pulmonarius, grain spawn 1 liter

Pleurotus pulmonarius, grain spawn 1 liter

Pleurotus pulmonarius. Spawn for growing mushrooms on logs or straw.
Suitable wood types: above all beech and poplar.
Log size and quantity of spawn: 1 litre of spawn is sufficient for 5 - 6 logs of length 30 - 35 cm and diameter approx. 20 cm (inoculation with 1 cut slot per log).
The logs you use must be healthy and the bark should not be damaged.
After cutting from the living tree, the logs should be stored for 4 to max. 12 weeks before inoculation.
Growing on straw: I litre is enough for 1 normal rectangular bale with a dry weight of approx. 10 kg straw. 
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