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Kit: Horsetail fungus spawn + straw pellets

Kit: Horsetail fungus spawn + straw pellets

For growing Horsetail fungus (Coprinus comatus) on straw pellets in a mushroom bed in the garden. Consists of 2 litre horsetail fungus grain spawn (Coprinus comatus) + 2.5 kg straw pellets, 2 special, perforated plastic bags. Quantity sufficient for 2 mushroom beds.
Schopftintlinge (Coprinus comatus)
Soak the straw pellets in water for 1 week, mix with the spawn and fill in to the 2 bags. Put the bags in a warm place (room temperature). The spawn grows in to the pellets and the whole bag should turn white with mycel.
This phase should be complete within 4 weeks. Then remove the bags and bury the cultures in the garden in humus-rich, moist soil (shady place). Lay the cultures flat and cover them completely with approx. 5 cm of earth.
Expect the first of several harvests within 8 - 12 weeks (according to temperature/season). Detailed instructions included (currently only in German).
Important: When they appear, the mushrooms should be harvested quickly, because otherwise they decompose to black "ink". For more information see the mushroom photo gallery ("Pilzporträt") on our other site
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