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Plant fertilizer 'Humulus'

Plant fertilizer 'Humulus'

Those of you who have a garden or balcony and look around garden centres in Spring know the typical range of fertilisers on offer. There are plenty of mineral (artificial) fertilisers and a large range of products made of animal waste such as ground bones or claws. Humulus fertiliser is the alternative. It is a high quality organic fertiliser for agriculture and gardening. It is made of grape pips from wine production and does not have any chemical or mineral additives. The recycling of grape pips has a conservation aspect too: Instead of producing waste the grape pips are used as a raw material for a new type of product.
Humulus: veganer Dünger aus Trester Humulus liquid fertilizer, 10 liter 44,00 EUR
4,40 pro liter
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Humululs Blütovin veganer Dünger Humulus fertilizer powder, 6 kg 19,50 EUR
3,25 pro kg
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