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Horsetail fungus

Horsetail fungus

The horsetail fungus (Coprinus comatus) is a native mushroom which is often found on meadows. It tastes good  and it is healthy. But it important to know that it should always be harvested when it is very young and must be prepared for eating directly after harvesting. Mushroom collectors who know the horse tail fungus also know that it turns into a dark brown soup within a few hours which gives it its second name, shaggy ink cap.
It can be grown on straw pellets. After the mycelium has grown throughout the culture, the entire culture is buried in the garden and covered with a thin layer of soil. We sell horse tail fungus as spawn only and also as a spawn and substrate kit with straw pellets and two special perforated plastic bags.
Schopftintlinge (Coprinus comatus) Kit: Horsetail fungus spawn + straw pellets end of March 25,90 EUR
Price including VAT, plus shipping costs
Schopftintlinge, Anbau im Garten Horsetail fungus, grain spawn 2 lite, end of march 19,90 EUR
9,95 pro liter
Price including VAT, plus shipping costs
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